Universities and Strike in Nigeria: A Challenge to academic excellence

Universities and Strike in Nigeria: A Challenge to academic excellence 


 Author:  Victor Kaycee Kingsley

Psychology Department of Imo State University

 Mr Awesome

I woke up this morning and decided to do this, it might not interest you, but I Just had to do it, I'm sorry if your religion doesn't support it, but I'm not a priest, I'm one of those naughty students Read on...
  Over the years, only but a few Nigerian students could boast of studying a four years course in exactly four straight years, This is due to the overwhelming lags and hitches in the academic system of the country in the name of strike (I wonder what they are striking).
 This either comes from
the over all union ASUU or individual universities, due to either unpaid salaries or something of that nature. But it's so heart breaking and painful like being DEFLOWERED for the second time if there's any, when we realize that these actions hit hard on students like the BIG TOOL of a monk who is just doing it for the first time, (don't ask what and don't frown yet), and sadly, it turns out that the government care less about this ungodly hitch in academic activities.
 Students tend to get hopeless when they try and fail through peaceful and tumultuous demonstrations which mostly turns out futile and sends us packing to our old lives of socioeconomic activities, while most others dive in to rude and disastrous activities such as clubbing, partying, and sugar daddy(ing) for the girls, (I wonder what is sugary in those big-lipped and pot-bellied old naughty men that they spread their legs like rumour for) all because they believe they are free of School activities for the mean time ( *remember it's 18+)* But don't get carried away, Let's take an instance from the past ASUU strike, we all witnessed how it went down, so many students lost focus, lost vision and the will power to get back to studies, more others suffered the emotional trauma accompanied with being a Nigerian.
 Most times I wonder if being a Nigerian and studying in the country has become an educational crime, to the extent that no year passes without an academic strike action by our selfish leaders and ministers. We are still recovering from previous delays and punishments from the Academic union, while they've resolved to inflict a fresh one on us, who do we have, who would speak on our behalf, who would be our advocate in a country where everyone does and stands for only what would be of benefit to them, 
Our nation is facing recession, the academic system is drown in recession with millions of talents and potentials going down the drain, Just few months back, Nigerian students in the United States and Ghana bagged the best awards and results as they've always done and back here, the reverse has been the case, most times I would ask my self, "Mr Awesome, why should internet fraudsters ( *YAHOO Yahoo or G-Guys*) be arrested and termed criminals when they know fully well that the educational system of this nation would eventually delay them and make them miserable in the end, if there is any unit of Nigeria that should be given great attention, it should be the educational unit, but the reverse remains the Case
 God save the youths of my Generation in this Nation and help us move a Motion that will change the situation of our education before Graduation ,so help me God I rest my case here for now, 
Psychology Department IMO State University 
Mr Awesome
 (Hope I made sense)


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