AUTHOR: Mr Awesome

TITLE: "Whispers From Afar"

And I waited calmly as the clock ticked away
My eyes tearful that i may not go astray
As I watched the moon light up the sky

I knew it was a call up in sight to fly
Out in the cold I walked so Bold
I Had nothing to fear due to the voice I hear,
Oh i hear sweet sounds
sounds that suite my soul
I hear "Whispers from Afar"
And again One Scroll is closed
Another is opened
A diary is gone
another is born
A year is Dead with dreams un-achieved
Another is Given with streams of Visions
Oh the earth is getting colder
and I'm still walking bolder
The path is split in two
My heart is dealt with too
I nearly Lost my strength
But I Heard "whispers from Afar"
I almost spoilt my day
As I clearly lost my way
mother Nature was unfriendly
But my departure was uncertain
My pains were like a mountain
But my Gain flowed like a fountain
tho Most times lost in deep thoughts,
I could still hear
The "Whispers from Afar"

Its a new dawn
A morning I've never beheld
with a new yawn
but mourning I'll never behold
My stories are now history
and my glory now a mystery
I'm glad I pulled through
Its hard but its all true
ears doubted, lips spoke up
but all became silent
when they heard
"whispers from afar"
Happy New year Friends, and Readers


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