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And man came into being! This article is not supposed to contradict your belief rather it should ignite the light of knowledge in the path of truth.
We are prophecy of the ancient world. We are reality of the sacred mystery. We are the creation story. This is a simple truth from a refined opinion it may as well be regarded as blasphemy, although we believe that the fear of the almighty is the beginning of wisdom whilst it is the limitation of knowledge for “canal minded” people . I learnt we carry the image of divinity but it is also true that the image we carry is an imperfect one. An image coated with flesh. An image sustained by a spirit being. In the beginning there used to be a wonderland called Eden. It was taken away. It was a place of peace, fulfilment, joy, laughter and kindness. All these was taken away from man. Dear Lord, in your likeness you created man and man brought doom upon himself. This is where the mystery of the dark age began.

Heaven in all of its glorious holiness and orderliness “couldn’t” absorb the pressure from the fallen angel until war broke out. Angels fought against themselves. Where did disagreement, disloyalty and disgrace of such magnitude come from, knowing that violence is not in the nature of angels. It is not an option in heaven. All the heavenly bodies are humbled by the presence of God, what could have conspired to anger Lucifer? Or were there a broken spell that made him think (realize) he can equal himself as God? I don’t want to imagine the coup and catastrophe. Divine spirits with supernatural endowment fought against one another, lo and behold the battle arena was the sacred place of the most high. I wonder how the eyes of the almighty God contained such iniquity.
At one time, an angel of God revolted and became the devil. He was chased out and down from above, chained in shekels and imprisoned in hell. Could all these have happened to fulfil a prophecy? If an angel with the embodiment of the holy one can fall short how much more we mare mortals who are living in the flesh. We were created to live eternally, but the grace was taken away by our imperfection. If paradise could get corrupt, how can earth be any different considering that righteousness doesn’t guard the environment contrary to how it is up there. I am so afraid of the wrath of God, look around you, Sodom and Gomorrah is coming back again. But here is the big question... why are we being punished for the things we have little or no control over?
Eve as a case study, why was she tempted in the 1st place knowing she was nothing less than a clay with a breath of life which transformed her to a living being possessed with fleshy desire. She was only living and doing things. Eating and drinking was part of her nature. God created man and gave him the sense of being skeptical, curious and decisive (THE WILL POWER). This was all of Eve in 1 piece. I guess she must have eaten berries and drank the finest of wines until she was driven by her natural character of curiosity to have a taste of the forbidden fruit. Of course she has no supernatural/mystical power to resist sin if not there wouldn’t be any temptation in the 1st place. She was a human being not a supernatural being as God. The flesh is our greatest weakness and probably worst mistake in the creation of man.

Again I will ask... Why should we go to hell when we sin? Hell is a domain for demons and evil spirits not for unfortunate humans who became what was created of them. If some people knew about hell I’m sure they will choose never to come into this world in the 1st place. No wonder the Catholics believe in purgatory. The purgatory is a domain for manual labour where the weakest flesh go for cleansing and renewal of spirit with the hope for eternal glory. It is not as horrific as the other domain where people burn in the ever blazing fire of hell.

Join Us @Kingdom Diplomat we are raising a generation that will fulfil a new prophecy. God almighty cannot be ashamed of you as His creation, you just need to establish a personal relationship with Him as to have a Right Standing before Him!


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