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Written by : Austine Raymond

Mental slavery is what I tittle the msg to be, The street boy you tag yourself to 
be is the same street that educated dose of us that choose to hang our school bag by the walls of the room considering the situation of the country or probably because our pocket can no longer meet up with the expectation of academics. In as much as I keep differentiating education from academics, I stand to say that the street has nothing to do with some fellowship of hidden ideas. Tho some of us in the street fall victim to the fantasy of this hidden ideas, but that has not changed the tag "street" everything one can do to make a better living for himself is out there in the street only if you can subject yourself to humility. If you can study the lifestyle of a noted street boy, you find out that he is humble, funny and very deadly at the same time you never know when he will strike. I'm always proud to tell securities that I am a street boy and I never get hurt or prisoned but those of us that are enslaved mentally and are prisoned to certain ideology may have to shade their identity when trapped by this securities. Stope the fighting and killing and embrace hustling and making a better living! "Say no to the fellowship of hidden ideals" and trying to convince your superiors that you where forced to join the bad gang!!
Austine Raymond


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