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Psychologically speaking, Humans tend to get weary, emotionally unstable and wretched when they are stagnant in the affairs that concern humanity,

That is next to a normal way of life for quite a few number of individuals who occupy the same geographical horizon with Us.
But hey! I bring you a good will message with an enhanced Orientation to change your mindsets,

It is NOT natural to think of breaking forth when the aura around you suggests you think down, look down and stay down, Now that is a negative mind set, and coming out of it is what you see as impossible right?, hey bro c'mon, all you need is a SHIFT.

Often are times when you are emotionally broken down, psychologically torn apart and your heart can't abandon the thought of that one thing bordering you, I would not say its a sin or a bad thing, though it hurts like a pin, I just think you need a SHIFT.

In Your Life, Educational Exellence has been your goal, you read day and night, study at love garden and Hate forest, you take extra stretches just to stir up your grades and make atmost a "C" or atleast a "D" and you see it as pharoah let my people go,
Like my mentor would say,

You dont fail because you aim high and Miss, you fail because you aim low and Hit, My brother, can I make a suggestion?
Its Obvious you Need a SHIFT

You deep your fingers into your wallet each morning and you find nothing more than a change that would feed you Jollof Rice and Buns for that day, You smile at yourself thinking you have just enough to survive longer, well there's economic reccesion I know, dont you also think heaven has an economy for those who believe, you dont need cash at hand you need a SHIFT. Just aim high

Now talking of Addictions, you are tied to this thing, you can't live without it, you crave for it when the hormones come knocking, you can't see your self leaving that dirty habit that is obviously eating you up, be it smoking, hard drugs, Sex, Masturbation or even Evil fantasies, Sweet heart you do not need to be bordered, you dont need a psychologist or a doctor, you dont even need 6 to 6 prayers and 40 days fast, I have this convinction that all you need is a SHIFT.

You are facing problems at work, your job seem more like a night mare than a career, you wake up each morning and wish you never had that career and feel not to get dressed and open that office door, you think your boss is a blood sucker, he's never satisfied with your efforts, he yells at you, curses you, humiliates you and make you cry without promotions.

Do you think you need a new job?
Do you think its high time you sent applications?
Do you think you have to keep trying to impress him.?
I have a question?
Dont you also think you can be your own boss and a boss to your boss & other bosses?
Dont you think you can own your world?
You dont need extra degrees,
You need a SHIFT.
Mr Awesome


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