Quarrels and physical fight in IMSU SUG during Senate sitting today* MR AWESOME'S BLOG

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*IMSU SUG On Fire*
*Quarrels and physical fight in IMSU SUG during Senate sitting today*
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Thursday 11/05/2017
It was a big controversy today at the commassie hall Imsu during the Senate sitting where the SUG president's CREDIBILITY was questio
ned and other executives were probed.
The Legislative Arm of the Student Union Government of Imo State University Impeached the Director of Transport and Suspended the Director of Welfare (PC) indefinitely.
The new Acting Director of Welfare is Sen Ezekwe Modestus A.k.a Sen. RANGE and the new Director of Transport is in the person of Sen. CLEAN
The earlier peaceful process turned into a *big fight with words and fist*.
Mr Awesome's Blog was able to cover our IMSU SUG 16th republic senators fighting and throwing punches heavily at each other.
We promise to release the videos, pictures and audios without delays within 48hours
The Director of finance was labeled unprepared after he tendered his financial Statistics and a trace of  malicious and fraudulent dealings where suspected...
There is more to this, make out time to visit Mr Awesome's Blog TV on youtube when the notifications are sent to watch our distinguished senators in the wrestling ring.
You won't believe it!!!!
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