Scandal! IMSU student sets the school on Fire... Read an IMSU psychology students group chat, you won't believe what happened.

In a whatsapp group chat belonging to one of the Imo state university departments, hell has been raised as a female student (name withheld )
releases a grammatical Nuclear bomb.
This happened when a student from that department (psychology) chose to be kind by giving out free air time to the fastest fingers and unfortunately he got insulted by a suspected intoxicated colleague who said shit to his mom
This raised dust and in a bid to fight for him, this young lady ended this generation with English she said..
"Abeg pls y will dey be insult in what we r doing 4 each other, abeg if u can't do it, left d next person to do it "
Below are screen shot images of reactions that ensued after the ordeal


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