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Getting to woo a lady or girl especially the one you fancy a whole lot, just like I fancy one of the girls in Imo State University the most is like preparing for a project defense.
One unrighteous move and it all ends like a dream . Make sure you see signs that confirms she is also attracted to you before making your move to win her affection so that you can cut down the chances and risk of getting rejected.

You don't wanna walk up to a lady who barely knows anything about you, confess your endless love and expect her run in to your arms. just like that ? hell No!. You have to take few romantic steps.
Below are the 9 secrets to winning a lady’s heart by Mr Awesome.

1) Become a friend to her: 
The first step to winning a lady's heart is by breaking the barrier between you both, slowly make her a friend, play with her, crack jokes to make her laugh, exchange eye contacts with her every time you get a chance to, and look away when she catches you. She'll smile if she likes you. just be more than a stranger to her, but don't come too close so you don't fall in to the closest friends Zone.  You'll get stuck there.

2) Make your intentions Clear
The mistake most guys commonly make is to become best friends with this lady they really like then try to convert the relationship into a something romantic later; well the thing is that "you probably have watched a whole lot of Zee world and Hollywood movies then you've forgotten those things happen only there. Make her know from the onset that you don't like her like a sister but the other way round, (not verbally) then how do you do this?
>>Never Advice her on other guys, always use lines like " I don't like us discussing other people, girls or guys let's just talk about us"
>> Never let her tease you with other girls and don't talk about any other girl with her "I tried it with my friend and course mate in IMO STATE UNIVERSITY "Ashley' and I lost her affection"
So never you even reveal your real intent real quick just leave hints.

3) Become a Good listener:
just like my mom, (Mrs Peace Kingsley) every other Woman love men who are great listeners, who pays attention to every detail of the discussion, ask questions where necessary And don't talk much when they are telling you something important to them, try as much as possible to stay calm and listen, don't fake it even if you are bored out. This is one mistake I've  observed guys in Imo State University make a lot. I see that mostly at eateries and restaurants. Give her your attention, all of it, guess what!... Women love attention.  a great listener will definitely win her time and slowly, take over her fantasies.

4) Tell her serious things about yourself
The most proved effective way of make or motivate a lady to open up to you about herself is by sharing little intimate things about you with her. This will make her feel indebted, Trusted and Special. Tell her most of your ambitions but be careful not to sound too proud, women are very sensitive to words. Tell her your secret fears, childhood memories and if possible, your weaknesses. Talk about your embarrassing moments and laugh hard over them. It shows you're confident. Don't mention your families achievements if there are huge ones. She wants to know who you are, not what you have. Infact talk more about bad times and dull moments.
5) Charm her
ladies are moved by what they hear, words will always have a striking effect on them. Take note of every tiny detail about her, like when she sports  a new hairstyle or when she polishes her nails. Drop sweet Compliments on her regularly secretly and publicly. Let her know how irresistible she is. How enchanting her eyes are, how killing her smile is and how beautiful she looks to you.
Tell her about the awesome effect she has on you like how your heart skips a beat and goes blank whenever she gives you a certain look. Hold hands with her in public, hug her from behind, playfully kiss her neck when you get a chance to. Take her to a secure park or Love Garden in the evening.  lie on the grass and watch the sun go down. "The greatest charming secrets is showing a lady how you enjoy spending time with her, and treasure her even without letting out the three magical words" Be her Mr Awesome. Not just Mr Right

6) Become her Mentor: 
Women love men who are in control and can inspire them. Just become a figure she can look up to and seek wisdom from. And you know, before you can mentor anyone, you have to be grounded too, so read several books and the Bible too. Wisdom are embedded in books of great men like Robert Green, Miles Munroe, Napoleon Hill, Kenneth Haggin, Donald Trump and etc. Talk more of the Bible. Anyways just be grounded with enough materials you can find, advice, inspire, and motivate her to learn more, do more and become more and you'll not only earn her affection or respect,  she'll worship you.

7) Give her a pet name and get a favorite song for you both.
It would be a name outside honey, my love, Darling or sweetheart  that only you can call her. Avoid the above clichés and choose something a bit creative. The pet name should be in line with her personality. If she is caring, emotional and delicate, you can make the name of a flower her pet name showing who she is, in the same manner,  if she is tough and a  determined woman pet-name her after a gemstone or rock. Pet names have magical powers and effects on women.
Choose a classic love song with her that you both will like. Make sure she likes it, but if you don't, you just have to learn to and learn the lyrics too. You'll charm her with that.

8) Give her a Surprise
From time to time, get her little yet well-thought gifts. To do this, you need to pay attention to your conversations. What does she carelessly yearn for most?  chocolates and flowers are nice but they are ephemeral (won't last long) Electronics and  gadgets too are quickly lost or  go obsolete rather fast. Get gifts that will leave a lasting impression and have romantic or sentimental value.
you could get an artist to paint a portrait of her and At the back of that painting stick a  hand written note. Or you could get her a favorite best selling book or novel. Just leave a memory with her.

9) Keep her off Balance and guessing.

When a lady finds it easy to predict your next move, you become less interesting to her, always keep her off balance, purposely cancel or miss dates with her, skip sending her messages, leave her and be with other female friends most times to create room for jealousy, just don't let her in to just too much of your intent, when you have nothing to discuss with her and are bored out just shun seeing her. keep her wondering and she'll spend more time and energy on you and wondering why you ain't like other guys. Exude confidence in the long run, women love men who are confident, they'll feel safe with you. Keep her off Balance until the time is ripe. Don't forget to inform Mr Awesome. 
Thank you for reading.
Mr Awesome Loves you all and hope you guys find love this week.
Author: Mr Awesome.
© 2017


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