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So you really wanna know how every real woman attracts and seduces real men?

Well its simple and way beyond what every other person out there thinks, 
first and foremost, lets really
understand what concept of seduction we are looking at here.
Contrary to what people think, I think Seduction does not really mean using body languages to get a man aroused for immediate sexual intercourse. I think its way beyond that illusion,
From my little point of view, I think seduction includes living your object of interest in total desire for you on the long run, and probably keeping them off balance about your intentions. To Mr Awesome, (me)  seduction is an art that should be learned and mastered over time as it involves playing with the mind of an individual.

Below are a few first and major steps on how to Seduce every real man "Not all male are men"

1) Talk Sense and Sound Daring most times

Most men feel powerless and interested when they talk with a lady who has a good sense of language and courage to engage in brain storming discussions, this is especially because she's got something up in her head that sweeps them off their feet, probably engaging in topics that are unlady-like. No real man will choose a dirty talker over you. So instead of learning dirty lines, why not gather up some daring knowledge  

2) Look smart and Dress 👗  Smart Always 
Now this is where most ladies get it all wrong, in a bid to catch a male in their art of seduction, most women are likely to start dressing hot and almost naked. well there's good news and bad news, the good news is, " Yes you look sexy and attractive, the bad news is you will be desired only at night and considered a whore.
Men love and respect women who have a good sense of dressing, who knows the matching colours and all there is to looking good.

3) Always Smile an keep your laugh in tact ☺ 

When talking to a man you desire and wish to seduce in to craving for you, do good to maintain a good smile, unlike most Imo state University girls, who seduce you with a serious looking face.( Lol they slay actually) let your smile remain genuine and heart felt, laugh from your heart when there's need to, but do not over do it. Remember you are a lady
4) Smell and look Neat

Cleanliness is very important in the art of seduction, make sure you start your neatness from your breath and mouth. When you talk people shouldn't suffer, if you've got bad breath, always pop mint in to your mouth to have a good fragrance from that area, also wear a good and soft perfume that smells great. It will attract anyone to you. Of course you know no one wanna come close to someone whose perfume or colongne suffocates them. Smell good and he will prepare for a first kiss too. I'm a good boy tho.

5) Never Sound Rude: 

Rude girls are seen as bad girls, maintain good manners, say sorry when you err, choose your words in your head, don't just say anything you feel like, insults are great turn off for men, as every man's greatest desire from a woman shifts from sex to respect. When you talk to a man with respect, he automatically starts falling for your charm beyond his control and will go the extra mile to keep you to himself. 

6) Finally, Never talk too much

Omg! This part is almost affecting every woman out there, they talk a whole lot and wanna take the lead in conversations. When you are with a man, don't try to be the one to kill boredom, men like Mr Awesome and your man are gifted with lyrics, we want to impress you, so just chill and follow  our lead, "I personally do not like girls that just talk a whole lot. They are ill mannered and expose their darkest secrets quick" now did that send any message to you? That's what we believe. So talk when you think you should and DON'T BE BORING EITHER. 

BYE! CATCH YA And make sure you find love
Send in your comments please. 
Author: Mr Awesome

Blogger @ Mr Awesome's Blog
Mr Awesome

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