Omg! This is Unbelievable! See what this fake blind beggars did to students in IMSU.

Wonders shall never end.!
A group of fake beggars has been publicly nabbed in Imo state University by security personnel's who were specially deployed to curtail the activities of cult boys in the university's environs during this second semester exams.

This dual allegedly pretended to be blind and unofficially extorted kind hearted students of their cash.

Their activity has gone on in Imo state university for a long time and recently as luck and fate may have it, they met their waterloo.

Story of how they where caught.

They were going about the school premises pretending to be blind and begging for alms which they received from kind hearted students, but then, their village native doctors pot broke and Satan ate kilishi on their head as a student echoed for them to come and identified one of them to have pleaded  for help sometime ago at old ETF claiming to have lost his wallet which contained his transport fare.
This one weak the guy! As he saw the same person in this blind beggars group again.

He quickly alerted security personnels and got them apprehended.
Trust naija mopol naw. The guys were seriously beaten up and publicly displayed before heading for further legal proceedings. (arrest)

Note: This doesn't mean you should stop giving alms, give help to who is in need, fake or real. Your reward is with your father in heaven.

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