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A Nigerian 16 year old teenage girl who was once victimized with sexual abuse has recently made a very  shocking confession, she said she can't do without having sex daily.
She told how a man (aged) who was their close neighbour while living at Mile 12, Lagos State, Nigeria,
lured her into sexual acts at 7 years of age, and she never stopped having sex each day since then.
She said if she did not find any one to have sex with in her neighbourhood, that she would go under the bridge at Mile 12 Lagos and request for sex from the touts there.
She came from Enugu state to Lagos to stay with her aunt after her father died.
The girl confessed that she was lured into sex by a man she knows as Baba who shared the same compound with her aunt,
Baba usually called her into his apartment anytime his wife and her aunt were away and would insert his finger into her private part.
“He would tell me to come back home immediately our school dismisses us and when I get home he will be waiting to finger my honeypot” she narrated.
She said as time went on, he started having real sex with her.
According to her, when the man that lured her into sex relocated,  she startedted meeting other men in the neighborhood without her aunt noticing.
She has become so addicted to sex and cannot stay without it.
“When I want sex and I don't see any man to do it in my area, I will go and beg the touts under the bridge  to do it to me,” she said.
She confessed this to her teacher after the teacher noticed some irregular and abnormal behaviour in her. The teacher brought in her aunt who contacted an NGO for professional assistance.
The NGO's programme coordinator, Mrs. Ingbia Priscilla , noted that her case needed pity and sympathy considering her age, that her group took up the task or better still called the challenge to rehabilitate her because if she is left like that, her future would be in shambles
She added that her organisation has commenced the  rehabilitation  process on   her by running series of medical and psychological tests on her to ascertain the conditions of her health presently .
Mrs Ingbia emphasized on  the urgent need to relocate this girl from her present environs and start a decent new life for her entirely. But she also noted that her organisation would have done so if funds were available.
Brought to you by Mr Awesome's Blog and we pray for her to get a changed mindset and that someone, somewhere thinks of filling her with the Holy Spirit of God  who would terminate every demon that is hunting her future through sexual intercourse. God bless you for reading. May your heart desires today be granted, Amen


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