Why beggars would pay tax? Kemi adeosun|Mr Awesome

This is really a heavy shock coupled with the ugly news that come up each week and day.

Few days ago the Nigerian finance minister kemi adeosun who is a UK born diaspora announced her intentions to make all Nigerian pay tax including beggars to help improve infrastructure in the country.  To many, this would really sound disheartening, I wonder how comfortable she felt while she made this decision.
She was supposed to assist this government in cutting down hardship, rather, she's successfully shown expertise in legalising suffering.
It's obvious that our honorable minister of finance is not aware of the scary height of poverty in Nigeria, or probably did not recite the part of the Nigerian pledge that says ,".... and uphold her honor and glory".
The honor and glory includes less or no beggars in the country, but the reverse has become the case..
FG i think you guys should have a rethink. Alleviate poverty, not worsen it...
Author: Mr Awesome


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