Happening now in owerri ! Shooting, murder and blood bath as eke ukwu owerri market is demolished | Mr Awesome's Blog

Fire is raging at the capital city of Imo state, owerri, as military personells realease bullets and tear gas at the angry masses protesting against the demolition of the eke ukwu owerri market aka eke onunwa.
26 August 2017

Mr Awesome's Blog presenter reports that a little boy has just been hit on the head by a stray bullet and is lying lifeless, many others have sustained injuries and have been killed as well by the angry and unmannered Hausa  Nigerian soldiers.
Report also has it that some angry guys has gone to set ama Hausa business hub on fire,
Every one is advised to stay away from douglas for security reasons, we'll bring more details of the report soon... Share as you recieve. this is really a sad news, and the governors hand has once more been stained with the blood of innocent poor citizens.
God save Imo, God Save owerri, God Save Nigeria!


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