Panic as 7,000 Jehovah’s witnesses attacked with toxic gas, over 350 faint (Photos)

 JW seasonal convention held in the country Angola was allegedly attacked and made uncomfortable with a very toxic gas on Friday, prompting over 500 worshipers to faint and loose consciousness.
According to the report from Portal de Angola, about 7000 worshipers were present in a location for convention.
about 43 victims were immediately rushed to the hospital, but at the moment, no death case have been brought to notice.
An eye witness report told Portal de Angola that a sister-in-law of his was one of the first people that fainted. She said that she perceived a foul odor and before you knew it, she collapsed
few minutes after her collapse, several others followed suit, as though they were lined up for it, this caused great panic and the rest who were still conscious had to invite a team of fire fighters who took care of the situation and helped in evacuating the victims to Cazenga Municipal and Cajueiros Hospital for treatment
The country's Police immediately arrested 3 suspects, and 4 others are believed to have taken to their heels on the red alert. how ever, they were unable to identify the toxic gas, but reported that it was contained in 750 thousand liters containers spread in the venue.
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