OMG! See what Mbagwu Amarachi did to Rochas Okorocha Today. You won't believe this

Following the ongoing uproar in the city of owerri Imo state, that was caused by the demolition of the eke ukwu owerri market and the murder of a young boy, 
A concerned citizen of the country has written to the governor in anger and disgust. 
Mbagwu Amarachi wrote thus: to Mr Awesomes Blog

Dear Nnanyi ukwu Owelle Rochas Okorocha, how did you sleep last night? 
How did you sit on that table, chewed your supper and got in your bed to sleep knowing that a more
than a hundred souls were wetting their pillows with tears - that is, those who made it to their homes alive.
Dear ORO, how were you able to go to  sleep last night with all the cursing words, the lamentations and tears?
Indeed, you have caused a deep pain in the heart of Imo state.
Maybe you didn't know, ORO, but there are people whose only survivals are the shops you demolished. There are people whose only hopes and happiness are in the shops you demolished. There are people who only come to those shops to ease off pains, to stay away from home, from troubles and swimming in their own pools of challenges and tears and now, how do you feel worsening their fears, their pains?  How?

Didn't you make us believe that Imo must be better in your time, in our time? 
Has Imo become better by the demolition, the innocent lives lost?
We would have also thought you a better Governor if you had let the shops be and 'demolished' the agberos along that road, Aladinma, and the other streets in Owerri people fear walking on.
We would have thought you a better Governor if you had reduced the rate of accident on the Owerri Club road by demarcating the road. 
We would have also thought you a better Governor if you had tried in your better ways to make life for us better in Imo state. 

Oh! I almost forgot to mention Sam Okwaraji and the family.
It was Okwaraji's 28th Anniversary on the twelfth of this month and what did and have you done as a 'better' Governor of Imo state that sings 'Change' as though it is the only thing you have come to Imo state to do. 
Or maybe, yes, 'Change.' You came with change and we accepted without asking what kind of change it was because we trusted the smiles and laughter in your every picture and poster on the roads.

Dear ORO, I was coming home from Whetheral some months ago and I saw a young boy been beaten as though he stole what no one has ever stolen. A boy who had decided to join in the hustling. His only crime was that he sold phone accessories on a wheel barrow along the roads of Owerri. That was his only crime.
Dear ORO, I won't forget to mention the better things you have done in Imo state but you've made it look like you give us good with your right hand and take it back slowly, pouring hot embers on us, with your left hand. 
Imo state is in deep pains - lives has been cut short. Happiness has been taken away. Hopes has been forcefully snatched from lives.
Owelle, you have caused a scar that may take too long to heal, to clear. I hope that our children be taught these things.
I hope that the younger souls whose education would be put to stop because of this demolition learn why someday.

We weep, Owelle.
Written by Mbagwu Amarachi Chilaka

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