OMG! See who was caught in Imo state University

The young man was identified to be a graduate/spill over student of the university, who had outstanding 18carryovers in his failed courses.
(Department name withheld)
He has been the cause of tears and regret in the faces of most students in Imo state university.
He comes in to the exam hall like a normal student who wants to take exams, changes  from seat to seat until he gets a victim, he would wait until its time to submit answer sheets.
Immediately every where gets rowdy, he would carry and search as many bags as possible, steal both phones and money, and any other valuable he finds, and then leave the premises .
It doesn't end there, he goes further to pick the calls when you call him, and claim to have bought the phone from someone somewhere, and when you press further, he would threaten to find and murder you.

He has reportedly stolen over 20mobile phones at least since the exam started
Luck ran out of him on Friday 11th of August 2017 when he searched and stole from a female student's bag as usual. Not knowing that eyes were watching him already, in an attempt to make away with it, he was blocked, slapped and stormed by bittered students, who beat him up and properly disgraced him before getting handed over to security personnel.
What a sad day for him.
Source : Mr Awesome's Blog

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