Shocking Truth the world needs to know About women 18+

Even though she is female, She is not a whore, she is not weak and not a slave or sex toy, every woman is a Blessing to any part of the world she finds her self in.  Now that sounds like me scolding You right? Well that's how serious it is

Several times in my life have I sat with my friends who are guys and heard them talk about ladies, I would laugh and chuckle, but deep down my heart I see my sister staring right into my eyes and tears dripping down her cheek and my conscience would chase me in to regret. I would wish I never had that conversation.
These days, you would hardly hear a man say a thing good enough about a woman, no man thinks she can change or become a better person to herself and the society. So sad, but Just take this walk with me, slow and steady,
The last time I checked, a woman was created out of a man by the father of creations, for support and love. But the case today is a reverse of the real intent.
.Never have I heard a man being battered or hated for using bad words, smoking, drinking or clubbing. he is treated like a king, left in a world of his own and held in a high regard. I am a man, I know the luxury we enjoy.
I wish I could advocate for the women in the whole world.
Sometime ago in Imo state University, I saw an African girl child being beaten up by her father and a crowd who looked like her family, she was slapped all over her face, her clothes​ were torn in shreds and she was left with tears and bruises all over her body, she looked 16, beautiful and adorable.
I was tempted to know what her offence was, only to find out that she was disgraced by her family and the public for just putting on a skimpy dress. I stared at her and found nothing evil about her dress sense, I was left in shock and pity for this maiden.
I heard them say,
She is too young for her dress sense,
She is spoilt and running towards prostitution
She is not trained..... She is this, she is that.. really?!
The other day I heard a group of guys talk about girls and one of them talked about a  girl he had sex with, they discussed how she moaned, how he hit her like a whore, how she loved sex, how cheap she was, and bla bla bla, then again my sisters' face came up in my head and stared me to pains for the lady who probably just loved this guy and gave her body for what she felt could work out. I was short of words.
I know one thing, I know a woman can change the world,
I know a woman can build a home, I know a woman can change your life, she can make your dreams come true, love her.
Sadly, Most women are not very informed, most girls on the Street face a hard time, most others are fragile and have been betrayed and broken apart countless times in their life.
Instead of judging and killing her, you can become her mentor, you can become her teacher, you can teach her how to love and be loved, you can be her hero, you can pray for her, you can fight for her, you can advise her, bro, you can hear her side of the story.
Do not rush into judging any woman,; if you have no idea what she has been through,
if you have no idea how ignorant she is and if you cannot change her.
Every woman is a treasure. Love her and do her well.
Mr Awesome


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