About sex and virginity 18+


We Live in a world where Virginity has become a shameful thing, where you get laughed to scorn by your peers the moment you accept your virginity.. You hear things like "hey boy! You are still dumb and timid, shine ur eyes, grow up," I wonder what concerns SEX with Sight and Growth

Welcome to the Planet where Single youths and teenagers have SEX as though its the only reason for their existence, as if Having SEX is the only reason they were Created, No more value for the reproductive genitals in between their dark Legs

Here is a place where promising beautiful young girls dont only share SEX like a Xender File, "just turn on your XENDER and you are connected, collect as you can" They go as far as Sharing Their NUDE PICTURES with Visionless and Dreamless young BOYs. Remember I said BOYS. What a wasted Virtue.

Finally! Welcome to the Universe where Mr Awesome will loose 1000 friends/Fans, then Get insulted, hated and ignored without likes and comments because I wrote this, WHAT A WASTED UNIVERSE...



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