*From Mr Awesome

A man who do not scold you at times when you mess up, always swallows up, and pretends he loves your excesses, smiles over it, and tries to make you happy, Run from him, He is not genuine. He is not your Mr Awesome.

   ........If He cannot be a disciplined Fiancé then he cannot be your Husband.

Do not Despise being chastised its the only route to perfection.

A man who Loves you truely will Scold the hell out of you

Because true Gold is tested with fire, and the hotter the fire, the finer the Gold

He only wants you to be the woman he desires, Love him and Stay with him, allow him to be your mentor, The more you adjust, the more compatible you become

*NB* . Do not be scared to shout at his bad habbits and ill manners too (as long as you want to marry him) But anyday he raises a finger close to your shadow, I mean your shadow,.... RUN!

Mr Awesome


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