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Tears in Our Eyes

Our own Blood on Our Skin and their Hands
the Nigerian Government has finally unleashed Vipers and pythons on the Races from the South east region of this country,
what was our offence?
Just a simple treat me as you treat my brothers agitation.
Trained men are heavily armed to tear us down, I dont know if this is demonic, a curse, fufilment of Prophesy, Gods wrath or Karmar.
from attack by Fulani herds men on our poor farmers to
Threat of Massacre by the northern elders, Arewa youths and Nothern youths, same people we habour, Employ and feed in Our Land, down to -
massacre of worshipers in Anambra, then to-
sporadic shooting of unarmed civillians by our armed forces to-
murder of an innocent boy in owerri, now to-
Invasion of umuahia that has left many dead and wounded, to-Declaration of curfew in the Industrious City of Aba, due to tribal blood shed, ALL IN THE SOUTH EAST...Mmmm:.. what is our Crime......
As Each Day unfolds, the fear to be called a South Eastern Citizen of Nigeria increases in me.
What is Our Offence, Must History be repeated on Us a million times?
We are tagged thiefs, Money mongers, Fraudsters, Illiterates, Forsaken, etc
What have we done wrong that has made the sun begin to smite my people by day and the moon by night.... If I will loose my Life for Saying these words, Then SO BE It!!!
A blogger or Writer whose Life has not been at risk and threatened is that one a Writer?
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Our Life and Safety is Threatened, Lets Call on the Father!
Written By:
Mr Awesome


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