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 Goodlight foundation in partnership with GLEEHD Organised The South East Emerging Political Leaders Forum  for youths.

 The Glorious event which successfully took place at the Imo State International Convention Center (IICC), Owerri, Imo state, witnessed the presence of personalities from all walks of life. Ranging from the former speaker Imo state House of Assembly, Rt. Hon Goodluck Nanah Opiah, former Governor of Imo state, Chief Dr. Achike Udenwa (Onwa) represented by his Chief of Staff and former commissioner for health Dr. Vin Udogwu, Dr. Nma Olebara, Chief Sam Ohabunwa, Sir Stanley Amuchie (KSC, Chief Financial Officer Zenith Bank and president Goodlight foundation), Igboanyika O Igboanyika, Dr. Linus Okoye etc.

While addressing the youths Dr. Vin Udogwu representing the former Governor Udenwa, emphasized on the importance of experience and adviced youths to join politics and start from the grassroots, which will enable them garner the experience required for various leadership position.

Also speaking at the event Rt. Hon. Nanah Opiah adviced youths to participate in politics because power is not given but taken.

Speaking at the event Chief Sam Ohabunwa, adviced youths not to join politics for financial acquisition but to serve their people with compassion and their resources. He said the problems of the nation can only be solved through good governance and that can only happen with the right people in power.

Igboanyika o. adviced youths not to repeat the mistakes made during the 2015 election in the 2019 general elections. He stated that the system of recycling the same people every time must end because it has deprived them of the best. He rounded off by saying "Never again shall the same people rule us again! Enough is enough!"

Sir Stanley Amuchie in his statement noted that the youths are the ones to restructure the nation. He also stated that the qualities of a leader are humility, vision, and integrity. He noted that a leader must be responsible and inspire people.

Dr. Linus Okoye expressed his joy to be in the midst of the youths and adviced them to aspire for greatness and think big. He also adviced them not to celebrate mediocrity. He ended his speech by saying "You don't need anybody to succeed, all you need is yourself. You can't give what you don't have. Let your community change because you can change."

This event was a bomb shell, we were live with @Dayoisreal the event host at Good Light Foundation youth political awareness event, dignitaries were present, amongst several other motivational speakers and writers who addressed the booming crowd that graced the event. The city of owerri was again lit  up by the virtue of this great event.

Several issues of concern were been stretched and talked about. The audience were given the opportunity to throw striking questions at these dignitaries who are also long time players of the game of politics. It was really a good outing


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