Nigerians dig up and comes after Adesuwa Etomi a day after her wedding for Lying to them, see what happened | Mr Awesome's Blog

‘I will rock my natural hair on my wedding day’ – Adesua Etomi said in 2015. Guess what happened in 2017!!!

Fear Nigerians, they can dig for Africa
You remember in 2015, our new classiest bride, Adesua Etomi-Wellington, vowed that it will remain natural even on her red carpet and white gown big day, affirming that she will go rocking her natural on that day.

Now onto the big D day (wedding) the other day, Susu forgot #Team_Natural and went on the almighty Classic Chignon for her very first look and down to Fishtail Braid Updo for her second look.

Lol.  This aunty have started o

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