Breaking News! C.C.IBEH Caught Distributing Academic materials to IMO Stars In Imo STATE UNIVERSITY :| Mr Awesome's Blog

An Imo state university 300Level law student and SUG presidential aspirant has been rumoured to be in the business of assisting fellow students with academic materials in various departments and faculties

This news got to our desk and our team set out to make investigations which confirmed the story to be true.
Currently, students from industrial chemistry. Physics, and many other departments have received materials like mathsets,Graphs, Writing materials and e.t.c

The beneficiaries have however shown gratitude to his kind gesture and act of benevolence and has happily posed in pictures with TEAM C.C.IBEH .

This is a welcome development. Other leaders should emulate this too.

In a quest to find out his motive and inspiration behind this act, we tracked and stormed him on campus

Below is a video on Mr Awesome's Blog TV Campus Tour with C.C.IBEH. you'll be shocked at what he said

Click to watch on YouTube


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