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The Parents of a nine month old infant have allegedly been brought under arrest for child abuse offenses on their own child. We could see from a photo posted on the internet. The baby was seen smoking a stuck of cigarette given to it by the father.
The father who is 36 years of age would be at risk of a jail term after making his 9 months infant smoke cigarette. Muzammil (The father ) was reported to have fixed the cigarette in their baby's mouth and asked the wife, Ummu Slamah, 18, to take the pictures as they pose
He found it amusing and shared one of the pictures on social media, that was how it was spotted by the police at Madura Island, within the western part of Indonesia.

The Police officials are reportedly aware that the mother of the baby, took the shots of photos but she was not arrested due reasons that were left unreported. Local news reporters said there were no certain charge in Indonesian law that encourages infants and underaged to smoke and it was reported that Muzammil could have a six months jail term under the Child Protection Act.
Smoking as an act is a common thing in Indonesia, though more men than women embrace the harmful life style. Recent Statistics show a whooping 63 percent of men but only five percent of women are smokers in Indonesia.


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