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Did you just start getting warm with someone special in a new relationship but wondering if they're the right people for you? In this article, Mr Awesome explains some critical signs that tell if you really are on the wrong path or not...

Relationships can be tricky or hypnotising most times, in the sense that you almost practically go blind on cues pointing at several variables that could be passing a very important message. Its actually a beautiful thing as well, knowing you have someone somewhere in a universe of countless billions of humans, who you are romantically attracted to.
Most people just condition their minds in certain ways and see only what they want to see the way they want to see it, paying no attention to the outcomes of such romantic blindness. 

Let's take a look at obvious indicators that you're Dating the wrong person.. 

1. They’re being overly Clingy and too attached to you 

It's true that we all want to feel loved and missed in our relationships, that's fine, that good moment when you get surprise texts and calls which would throw smiles across your face and leave you asking for more. They are all good until they start going wrong. When you can't skip one minute without your phone ringing, they want to know who you're with and what you are doing at every time, they want to be on you 24/7 and make sure they have all your attention and that's really not that cool. It makes you less productive and kills your time. Anyone who's right for you would respect the fact that you have a private life as well and allow you make judicious  use of every single moment at your disposal and not get themselves stuck on you like the transmission confussion in nigeria's IGP's speech (Nigerians can relate). If you find your self in this situation then I think there's need to get worried, because sooner or later, you'll get tired of them and the fun in missing a partner will be all lost. So deal with it. 

2. They don't try to Change You

This one might sound a little bit off but it's true. When you're in a relationship and your romantic partner never has one or two things about you that they try to make you adjust, then they are not really in to you. Actually no body is perfect in character, there must be one thing about you that puts them off most times. If they don't notice and try to change you in order to make you better for them in the long run, then they are not good for you. If they don't notice it now, they'll definitely not ignore it in marriage.

3. You become a chameleon for them.

Them: I love loud music.
You: Me too
Them: I love chilled coffee
You: oh me too
Them : I prefer sex before marriage
You : well, I ... I... Ok.. Fine, I think it's nice as well. I like it too

You practically wear a mask all because you want to please them, you lie about liking every thing they like just to please them. Its OK to have similar preferences with your romantic partner, and it's also very perfect to have different choices and be real about them without fear of favour. If you really are with the right person, you shouldn't have any need to pretend about anything, your real self should be who they prefer without thinking twice about it because if you continue being who you are not, someday, you might have to pay bitterly for having lied all along the way. So if you've noticed that you are in such tight corner, I really think it's high time you adjusted and take a hike. 

4. They Never pay attention to or ask about your Family.

I don't know how this sounds but let the truth be told, if you must be in any relationship, it should be one heading to somewhere in forever, and if this is your desire and theirs as well, knowing and talking about your family should be their second hubby. Anyone who has a future with you at heart should fall in love with your family as well, not just you. So if they're not interested in your family, I think you need to make a quick move before it starts raining. 

5. You Don’t Find your self discussing serious issues with them. 

It's totally fine to go all the way talking irrelevant things and always pet talking your selves, it's romantic but not always cool. Every matured person in a relationship should be able to pick up important discussions and talk about them. You should be able to discuss more intellectual and serious things with them, but if you find out you don't have urge to engage them in such conversations, then something is obviously wrong somewhere. It shows a low level of connectivity with them and it would mean poor conversation in the future. You wouldn't be comfortable with someone you can't spend at least 3 to 4 hours talking with. 

6. They get you Exhausted

One sign of true connection is that you feel overly excited each time you talk or spend good time with your romantic partner, it feels like time just came to a pause and you go back home still missing them all day,  every word of your discussion would ring in your head like its all you need to survive. But in the case where you feel emotionally bankrupt and totally exhausted each time you're with this person, it's a sure sign that the relationship doesn't have a very smooth future. If you cant connect with them, then you can't be with them. Else you guys would have to keep dealing with anger and fights every now and then. Plus. You'll become less productive as well. So take a long walk before its too late. 

7. You are not in their list of priorities

A new movie is just out in the cinema and they go all the way to see it without letting you know and then come back to gist you on it. Or they have an important event coming up, but you are always the last to hear about it. They don't let you know about things that are personal to them. They treat you like evey other friend of theirs out there and most times you might just start wondering what's really special about what you have with them.. The answer is... NOTHING. 

8. They don't pay attention to you when you talk.. They almost don't listen at all. 

Maybe you just got back from work or school, You try talking with them about how your day went and bla bla bla. They wouldn't seem to pay any attention to the details you give. They might even surprisingly interrupt you with a different topic. They actually don't care about you. They obviously seem bored when you wanna converse with them. It may interest you to know that attention is the biggest price you can pay to anyone.. If they don't pay that to you, then they don't deserve you

9. They rarely talk about the future

If you guys rarely talk about your future together, then there's need to worry. Most times, it would be quite difficult even imagining a future with them. If this becomes the case. Then you might just also be in the wrong relationship. 

Thank you for reading.. I hope you find love very very pretty soon...... 

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