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Haha. Guy see the video now, we pass them round in turns. when I do finish, this other guy go carry do, Na Dem go dey even beg you to do sef. Haha haha. 

....That was exactly how that black tall guy and his crew members were insulting IMSU girls at their hotel and my eyes were full till the liquids rolled down my cheek. Mark Angel's Comedy Campus Tour Crew members were unaware that they were on air anytime I came around them. 

Actually mark Angels Comedy has been on tour for a while now, and In the last week of June, they invaded Imo State University, making us believe they had good intentions to make us laugh a little to forget campus stress and its effects. But In their discussion, they carefully talked about their sexual experience and escapade with Imo State University slay queens which started since that very Monday they arrived the streets of IMSU Campus. It was heart breaking for me, I tried smiling but I just couldn't find the right tone to smile on, so that I don't go off key. 

They allegedly lured Imo State University girls to hotel rooms and filmed themselves while having what they see as fun with those females who descended very low to their cheap talks or probably arranged for them by Some IMSU guys as well who just wanted to feel among. What they're being among is what I'm yet to grab. 

In their words, they claimed that among all Campuses they've been to in the course of their tour, that IMSU girls top the list of the sex freaks and that they didn't have to stress much to get them laid.
And then this thought dropped in my mind, does it mean that our girls lack value?,  Does it mean our IMSU girls place no importance or value on their body to descend so low to be sexually obsessed with men they're just meeting for the first time?

These ladies could be someone's sisters, someone's Wife to be, Someone's someone. But they currently do not know how far their stupidity has gone. Congrats to them anyway. They've made it. 

Nevertheless, just in case you got engaged with such thing in the past, the fact still remains that you can still change, you can't break the record, so just clean it and move on with your life. You can inspire young people out there, as a guy or a woman. Do not be an evil opportunist, there are millions of demon possessed people out there, and just one penetration is enough to ruin your destiny and fail your generation. 

Mark Angel's Comedy crew has actually left IMSU with a generalized deadly impression. Probably because they met the wrong girls at the wrong time. 

I believe in my South East girls. They are trained. They are not cheap. Not one bit. 

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