Your Life is Bigger than a Ph.D. why kill your self for it? - Mr Awesome

Your Life is Bigger than a Ph.D. why kill your self for it? 

"Life offers you a total of 360° degrees, but you spend a minimum of 4years trying to acquire just one. How many years more would you spend to complete the circle of life." 

The time to rule your world is NOW!! 
do not wait for the government or the professors, they have nothing to offer you. Your destiny is in your hands, Be responsible for it.
If you fail today, you didn't fail your self, you didn't fail your family, Your community nor your Country. You failed a generation. Over a billion destinies are tied to your waist and God will hold you responsible if they don't see the light of the day because you refused to be responsible for them. 
Life is not fair so it wouldn't give you what you deserve, Life is your servant, it gives you what you demand. 
Don't let that passion for success die because What drives you determines what you will drive. Get the right passion. Push for the best.
Eagles are Eagles for one reason ; Because they are eagles. You are who you are because of the way you see life, your perspective on life determines your participation in it. Didn't the Bible say that as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he?. Get the right mindset. Become who you want to be first in your mind, not in your certificate. 

If getting a job is your problem, then study hard for it while we think of the jobs to create for you. What makes you slave to your boss is that he determines when you get a credit alert..

Your Love, dependence and reverence for a degree makes you think like your boss's slave. 

Your Life is bigger than a Ph.D, God has a purpose for your existence. Change lives for him.

See you on top of the World 



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