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From the United Nations Desk, tomorrow will be 
International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism (21 August). And I'm just wondering what I could do to join this campaign and movement. 
Its unbelievable how innocent civilians die everyday around the world. Women, children, pregnant mothers, infants, Men. Etc .

They're shot out of their homes, killed for no reason, taken to refugee camps where only few survive, They starve, they move from having a refuge to becoming  homeless refugees. 
Yet. !

Politics, The Law and the government still doesn't care one bit. They only care about putting up hypocritical pictures of this dying people receiving politicized alms from them. 
What a Mess of a Planet. 
I pledge my support to every victim of terrorism around the globe. 
A heart breaking write up is dropping soon from Mr Awesome's Diary. Keep your fingers crossed and do well to share...
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