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My ideaL Woman 
Every man who has ever thought of being in love or a serious relationship would definitely have his personal desire and preferences with regards to what he thinks his ideal woman should Look, act, and be like.

It doesn't matter what other people prefer. As a matter of fact, I think that when it comes to relationships, everyone should have specific things that tickles their fancy about the opposite sex whom they intend becoming intimate with. That is only if they want the union to contain all the spices it can. Unless you have something you enjoy about your partner, you'll have nothing to miss when they're gone or absent. 

My Ideal Woman. 
I will be writing this article from a man's perspective with the aka "my ideal woman" 

Well, I've tried answering this question many times over and each time I do,  it all comes down to a well pronounced awwwwwnnn by the ladies who I'll be privileged to have around when I say this. Apart from my famous preference for fair skinned, curvy and average height ladies with pretty eyes and good lips, I deeply have several other unpronounced features I find quite alluring in a lady which I can barely deny to Like if I'm faced with them. 

My ideal woman;

1) Has a Perfect Dress Sense : 

I've come to realise that I have this desire burning inside of me to be with a woman who is endowed with a perfect sense of clothes that stun. You don't have to look sophisticated to impress, just have an eye and a hand for the perfect blend of colour, style and accessories. Most ladies feel less concerned about the things they wear when they go out to work, school, shop and even on romantic dates.   While most men might turn a blind eye or even wouldn't notice the absence of elegance in a woman's dressing, they still wouldn't be able to lock their eyes in at the sight of a beautifully dressed female walking pass them, especially the fair short and curvy ones. Lol. 😂. Men are moved by what they see, Mr Awesome is moved by the lovely things he sees. So dress cute.

2) Has Updated Knowledge of Events :

You know no classy man would want to hang around a woman who lacks up to date knowledge of recent happenings. I personally would easily get bored hanging out with such a woman. It doesn't stop at being academically sound which is very beautiful, knowledge of events complements  a womans beauty a lot which is why a man like Mr Awesome would stare helplessly at any woman who would discuss and argue events with him to the best of her updated knowledge. This desire for an update in knowledge of event no doubt has a great influence in impressing me while we talk, but you wouldn't Compare it to how glad and proud I'll feel watching her lecture other ladies and gentlemen on recent happenings without failing to win arguments on events in front of me. I'll admire her deeply after such brilliant discussion. And you know what's next. Don't you? 

3) Shouldn't know so Much that I can't teach her. 

Despite the fact that I like Ladies who are abreast with information, I don't like being with a lady who I can't teach anything. Even though she has a wealth of knowledge, I feel in charge and bond more when ever I get a chance to teach her and she listens like a good woman.  Actually every man at some point wants to take responsibility for teaching their romantic partner a thing or two, so any woman who can always ask me questions and then listen when I teach her, can actually win me over. She'll make me feel important, respected and relevant and that is a striking love language I Understand so much. So my ideal lady should learn to speak it with grace. 

4) Treats other ladies with kindness and respect

Since I noticed the speed with which I fall in love with ladies who treat other ladies like an angel, I've long added it to my check list ☑. It is just a wonderful sight watching a lady not insult a fellow lady for any reason even at their back. It portrays maturity to a great extent and also goes further to reveal how sweet she is at heart. Not every lady would answer politely to a fellow lady, give her listening ear, defend her, solve a problem for her, complement her genuinely and etcetera, so if there's any who does that, then there's surely something Awesome about her and getting closer to her though far away from her panties would be next on my Awesome mind...  Kindness magnifies the beauty of a woman no matter how ruined her face is. Tu Comprends? 

5) Doesn't Show emotional strength

I know this one might sound odd, but it's so true that I can touch it. I really don't like a woman who doesn't show me the feminine part of her that is naturally very very soft and far away from anything you're possibly envisioning sitting on the top of her bare chest in a mound of round grab-ables. Oh! How it melts my heart and gives me a reason to show affection to this goddess who has won the greater mass of my heart in a flash of her smile . I love it when she doesn't always have to say, "I'm fine" "I can deal with it " "don't worry " and all those push offs for a gentle man who wants to be a romantic hero for a moment. She should let me know she's hurt, she should allow me see she's scared, she should let me know things that hurt her, she should cry on my shoulder when she needs to. And not wet her pillow when I'm gone. I love soft ladies.  les femmes douces sont romantiques. Your French friend should explain that to you. 

6) she knows how to make a mess of my thoughts with her words. The flirty Spice. 

Oh yes, I love a woman who is not all that rigid when it comes to matters of words. I enjoy it when once in while she can tease, flirt and flatter me with her words in the most seductively decent way. She doesnt have to break loose and go all raw. But she should feel free to talk about dirty things in a neat way. The man doesn't always have to do the flirting, chasing and making feel special. There should be days of silly talks that can stair up a rising from my under and all that comes with it. But you know she has to be my wife first..... 

So that's part of what my ideal woman looks like. 

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7) Must Fear God and believe in Jes
us : read to know the secret in it.

Well this is number seven, and as you know, Seven is a number of perfection. So that is to say that, no matter how beautiful a lady is, no matter how curved she appears when her feet are carrying her, no matter how sexually appealing she is, no matter how much of the already mentioned features she has, if she doesn't believe in God and Jesus, she comes off as an archaic and strange being to any modern man. Sentiments apart. I've noticed over a period of time that there's a kind of beauty and aura that accompanies any lady who is born again and truly worships Jesus. They stand out, they are bold, they are attractive and most of all, men see them as virtuous, respectful and kind. This is because God adorns them with so much wisdom and insight on how to treat and keep their man. No joke. You can confirm from proverbs chapter 31 from verse 10 to 31. It's so unexplainable but so true. 

With those pretty lips every man admire, you  can say these most romantic words below to set your self up for a life of endless beauty and Romance with your forever partner which only Jesus can offer

"Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I'm here, I confess that I am a sinner, I've lied, I've cheated, I've held grudges, I've hated, I've been in fornication (mention your sins to him). But here am I, humbly seeking your face, I now believe that you died for me and rose again, I believe you're the Messiah, I believe you're the son of God, forgive me my sins,  transfer my name from the book of death to the book of life, make me a new creature. Thank you for loving me, thank you for saving me. Make me a virtuous woman and let my man run after me. Thank you Father. In Jesus name. Amen."

Wow congratulations. Welcome to God's family, you're born again. You now have eternal life. Remain in the faith and keep praying to Jesus. Talk to him like your own best friend, you'll be shocked when you'll hear him speak back. For further assistance, you can reach me via +2347036900452

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