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You really wanna know what every Lady finds attractive in a guy Don't you? Of course you wouldn't be reading this if you don't. 
I think it is a topic every man should be interested in, in order to up their Romance game and quest to find a beautiful relationship. Women generally  are attracted to men who have a great personality and a beautiful heart. But aside that, below are other things women find very attractive in Men. 

1) Courage : Courage is a vital part of a man that shows Manliness and security and Women seriously love men who have courage enough to face their fear, approach any situation and take daring decisions. No woman wants to hang around a man who acts like a sisi and cannot be bold as a lion to take up the fight. They feel safe in your arm if they perceive you to be courageous even if you're not macho. Courage commands reverence and women adore that a lot. 

2. Carriage : In the course of my study in IMO State University, I was able to personally counsel a lot of guys who have had a failed trial in winning a woman over on Campus and also I've tried having a good conversation with Ladies on what they think about these particular guys and I've discovered that to a great extent, Ladies Love a guy who has an Awesome carriage. Carriage entails the totality of the way you conduct your self. From the way  you walk to the boldness in your speech, down to the way you behave around other people. As a man, it is important that you carry your self like a boss, don't walk like an idiot, walk with boldness and exude your manly charm with every step you make with your shoulders straight and your head up. Endeavour to look her in the eye while you talk, not just her, do same with other people. Be mindful of how you make your speech and avoid sounding stupid and irresponsible. Real Men talk like kings. Don't make the mistake of stammering in fear or making silly jokes. Carry your self properly and she'll definitely get attracted. 

3) Smile and Good Smell :
Although women love tough guys, no woman can resist the charm of a man who smiles genuinely and Smells nice. Smile at beautiful things and get the best cologne to maintain a good smell. She'll remember you for it. You can't underestimate the charming power of a good perfume, once she likes it, you're half way in to winning her over. 

4). Physique: 
It's no longer news that women like toned muscles and most times can't get their eyes off muscular guys. Even at that, they prefer guys who have a wonderful shape and good posture. Let your muscles be proportionate to your height. Hit the gym if you need to. Train your muscles and tone them up so that when you're in that shirt or T-shirt, she would hardly get her eyes off your biceps and shoulder blades. Don't carry pot belly and flat arms around. It's not an achievement Sir. 

5) Dress Sense
This one is a situation where so many guys are victims. Dressing well is not the same thing as Dressing expensively. You might not have all the money to buy expensive things, but just know how best to Combine the ones you have. Dress to impress. Make sure you're comfortable in whatever you put on and don't over dress as it is as bad as under dressing. Keep it cool and lovely, get the Colours that match your skin and know which shoe to put on and which T-shirt to add to it and trust me, she'll come hanging around you pretty soon. 

Your voice conveys your masculinity in the best way you can ever think of. Ladies like men with deep voices because to them it means manliness and authority.  Let your voice be filled with command whenever you talk. Never you sound like a moron around her, else she'll never come an inch close to you romantically. Sound manly and talk with charm in your voice. Look straight at her when you talk and dim your eyes when you're referring directly to her, she'll get the message Trust me. Talk with a deep voice even if you'll have to fake it.  Yes!  FAKE IT.


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