Crime Mystery: Who Really Killed Jennifer : IMSU Computer Science Student Found Dead. See Shocking Revelation, You'll Be Dumb Founded.

Many Stories have made rounds on social media with regards to the death of a young and vibrant Imo State University Computer science student "Jennifer Agomuo" Which was a result of a toxic relationship with an Engineering student identified as "Davis Uzoechi"  who was reportedly found bleeding with a knife cut on his neck in the room of the deceased girl. 

I'm not going to be sentimental on this, I'll draw facts and provide an eye opener in this case, Just read and follow carefully so that you don't misunderstand me.

The news that was earlier circulated had it that the deceased Young Lady who broke up with her Lover few days before the incident allegedly stabbed him and poisoned her self to death with fears that he might die and she'll be caught, but God in his infinite mercy kept him alive until her ghost joined eternity. Mhnnnmmm. "How does that sound" ? Nollywood right?

Pay Attention Please

My name is Victor Kingsley, or rather "Mr Awesome" for those of you who would want to file a law suit after reading this. "hello!  I'm not Scared. I'll Speak the Truth that justice may prevail.

I'll make 6 points before clearing my throat again.

Point 1 : From my personal Investigation, Davis and Jennifer broke up 6 Days before the incident

Point 2 : From my Investigation (FMI) Davis abuses Jennifer in several ways including beating Jennifer 

Point 3: From my Investigations, Davis Threatens to kill Jenny and commit suicide if she ever breaks up with him

Point 4: From my investigations, Davis wanted his gift items back (anger pronounced)

Point 5: Jennifer's Sister "Cynthia" was scared of what Davis might do, So she never allows her stay alone at home (Fear of Threats)

Point 6: Gentle Jenny was scared of going to report to the security Agencies for fear of getting Davis Hurt, So A friend of Jennifer called Davis to warn him to stay away from her and yet he visited her with a fight. (Meaning, Davis was a hard nut to crack)

There are many more points I'm going to hold back for now for sake of a boring long story.
Like I said earlier I'll make 6 points before clearing my throat again. And I have, so. Hmmhnnmhnn.
And again
My name is Victor Kingsley, or rather "Mr Awesome". I'm writer and Blogger. For those of you who would want to file a law suit after reading this. "hello!  I'm not Scared. I'll uncover the Truth that justice may prevail.

Now let's get Deeper, Please be careful and attentive.

From my experience being a guy for the past 22years,

>> Two very strong Ladies cannot ground one man in a room and prevent him from going out if he really wants to, unless there's sex for him. Then an index finger can send him crashing on the Bed for a good round.(talk more of an Engineering Student)

>> Outside Nollywood, when you commit a crime, The first thing that comes to your mind is "RUN" or "Hide". Your fight and flight hormones comes alive and you either flee or Hide. But News claims that Gentle Jenny was sane enough to know where she has poison and drinks it,  and then stabs her neck when the man they claimed you wanted to kill was breathing fine with just a  knife cut on him "Not a Stab". Haha. 9ja!

>> If Jennifer killed her self, how come her blood dried up before that of Davis ?. She got cold and already swollen. And wait, "Did she take Poison before stabbing her self or Stab her self before Taking Poison"

>> Shocker ! The container wasn't of poison, but a Cough Syrup. Let's assume it was Poison in a different container, Who bought it?  "Did she invite him over with plans to drink poison already?. If she invited him over, "where the heck did she find the guts" a Man who beats you up with death threats? "You've gotta be kidding me "

Hmm. I still don't Understand how that small girl can hold a matured man Hostage and render him unconscious and then kill her self. 

I'm not trying to say anything, the only thing I'm Saying is 

"My Name is Victor Kingsley, you may choose to call me "Mr Awesome"  Just in case someone decides to sue me to court. Like I said earlier, There's no trace of Fear in my blood. I'm a blogger and writer, let my Pen speak what it thinks 

Thank you.... 

You might wanna see what "Jennifer's sister, "Cynthia" posted on Social Media. Click Here.

I'm Mr Awesome
I'm Unapologetically Fearless

Tomorrow's my Birthday (29th Nov) 


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