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Hi! Welcome to Heart ❤ Times, hope you're doing great. Its a lovely thing to be the reason people wouldn't take dangerous decisions in life and relationships due to pressure or lack of adequate experience. Your singular advice can go a long way to set things right for them and trust me, they'll be forever grateful you did.
We have an issue at hand and someone is in desperate need of your Relationship advice.

I got this in my inbox from a beautiful young Lady who is in between choosing from two men in her life who she would settle down with and her story is one that needs urgent attention. Please read carefully and give your advice. 

Hi Mr Awesome, my name is (Anonymous) help me.
 I have this friend of mine, we've been Friends for over some years now, he asked me out and I accepted, but after some weeks I opened up and told him I had someone special in my life, so we stopped talking for a while. Later on he came back and said he was gonna continue talking to me because he liked the fact that I was sincere with him and told him the truth. 
Now, currently, I'm in to a relationship, a very serious Relationship which has lasted for two years now and I really Love My man who is currently 29.
My friend came back, Requesting for a serious Relationship with me again. Honestly I like him,  but i don't like him like "that", I really am in Love with my current man but I don't know what he's going to become. That is, I don't know if he's gonna get ready for marriage next year, 2 years, or anytime soon. But I really do love him. But my other friend, the guy who came back is 2years younger than him and is ok enough to get married anytime soon.  My Sister sees my current man as a boy who's still hustling and she challenges me on how sure I am about him getting married to me at last, so I shouldn't just chase the other guy off completely. So I'm very confused. I don't want to make a wrong decision. I need your help Mr Awesome, Save my Love Life.
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1. Do Not Insult
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3. Avoid using harsh words or vulgar.
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