Evil Mother: See The Woman Who Cut Off Her Own Babys Head And Stuffed His Body Inside A Bin- Her Husbands Reaction Will Leave You In Tears

By : Mr Awesome

CHARGED: Lihui Liu, 43, is accused of drowning and decapitating her son (Pic: HOUSTON POLICE DEPARTMENT)

A woman that God created with a heart and emotions has been charged in court with murder after her five-year-old son’s headless innocent body was found in her home stuffed in a rubbish bag. (oyibo people get mind o) 

She was arrested after Jiandong Xu’s (son)  father, her husband made the gruesome discovery at their home in Houston, Texas.

The local Police said the father — Kai Xu — discovered the body covered in a black bag in a dustbin in the garage. (blood is strong sha. Why didn't she discard it? You can never get away with blood crime) 

The boy’s head was also found in the dustbin.
When the police officers were invited, they found a blood-soaked knife in the bathroom and blood spattered across the bathtub.

Officers were initially called to reports of a stabbing at the house at around 7pm on Friday.
The boy’s father told police when he came home from work Liu said to him she had sent their son away.
After he started looking for the boy, his wife allegedly admitted he was in the dustbin, US media reported.
Liu was taken into custody and she admitted drowning her son.
But she refused to talk about the decapitation.
Liu and Xu also have a 13-year-old daughter, but it isn’t known if she was in the house at the time of the killing.
Child Protective Services confirmed they had dealings with the family back in 2015 — three years after they moved to Texas from Singapore — but the children were never taken into State custody.
Kai Xu told reporters between tears he had believed their son could help his wife recover from her downward spiral of depression which began in March.
“She loved my son,” he said. “That’s why I let my son be together with her.
“My son could make her better and recover. That was my mistake.”
And he said despite his wife’s alleged horrific actions, he still believed “as her husband, I need to take care of her”.
The mother was charged with murder and is expected back in court this week.

"Genuine love can severely hold you down to nothing but mercy, look at how a husband is thinking of how to take care of the woman who killed his only son because she is his wife. I'm sure if given power, he would end the court case and set her Free and blameless."

Shocked!.. This is by far smaller than the way Jesus Loves Us and the way we ought to love him back. Unconditionally, Unrepentantly, despite our weak state. Yes that's what's up. His Love is meant to save us and ours for him, to Constrain us lest we hurt him. Choose grace,  Choose Love Choose mercy, Choose Jesus. 

Mr Awesome 


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