Excess Money - Man Pours Down Money Worth Over 10million Naira From Building

The money rain and Wong Ching-kit. Images: Epoch Cryptocurrency

Pedestrians rushed and jostled one another in their bid to grab money ‘falling from the sky.’
According to AsiaCrypto, the unusual incident happened in Hong Kong as a man rains down tons of 100 Honk Kong dollar notes from the roof of a residential block
Police eventually arrested a 24-year-old man, Wong Ching-kit, believed to be behind the money rain on Saturday
A video of the event posted on Facebook shows hundreds of HK$100 notes fluttering through the sky to the ground.
Ching-kit claimed that he had wanted to help the poor by robbing the rich.
The hail of banknotes rained down onto the streets of a working-class neighbourhood in Hong Kong, sending bystanders into a frenzy.
The notes were tossed from the top of a residential building in Sham Shui Po district, prompting eager citizens to grab the notes while others filmed the dramatic moment.
Ching-kit is known online as Coin Young Master and runs Epoch Cryptocurrency, a company that promotes investment in digital currencies.
The money rain stunt was live-streamed on the firm’s Facebook page.
“I wonder if any of you believe money could fall from the sky?” he said, before the camera panned to the top of a nearby building which saw flurries of HK$100 bills flying down like confetti.
See the video:


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