Heart ♥ Times : Advice Needed - She Is Older, She Is Scared Of Loosing Out, So She Ended The Relationship. How Can I Move On? Help Me

Hello Mr Awesome, My name is Opeyemi, I'm 22 years old and schooling at Tai Solarin University of Education Ogun State
The woman I'm in a relationship with just broke up with me and I'm finding it difficult to move on, How can I move on and forget about her ? The girl in question is 2 years older than me, she's 24 years old while I'm 22.

We've been dating since our 200 level which is 2016 up to this moment. It all started during our teaching practice which we are currently on and we aren't doing it in the same school.. I'm doing mine at ijebu she's doing hers at ikenne which is also in Ogun State.
     I only told her that my mum said I shouldn't promise any woman marriage so we had a minor issue..

She once told me an Empower guy in the school she's doing her Teaching Practice has been disturbing her for a relationship. She said the guy is five years older and Immediately we had issue she started dating him

Up till now I'm yet to understand how a guy will ask u out in a week and u start dating him
I cried, begged and even sent some elderly colleagues who knew we were dating to help beg her at Ikenne.
Its as if she has made up her mind
Now she's telling me she's sorry that we should be friends because she can't breakup with the other guy because she doesn't want to become a loser i.e she thinks there's no chance I and her will get married because she is older than me. 

"After reading his mail, I asked? 👇 

 Did you raise the argument immediately after you heard the guy was coming for her ?

And he said 👇 
"I didn't raise any argument....the only thing I see in the matter is maybe because the guy is older than me she thinks he would make a better man"

But I told her I was no longer interested in any sort of friendship with her

Pls Sir can I move on ? and how can I move on. 

Mr Awesome : You definitely can. But you have to be ready first

Opeyemi : I'm very ready sir.

Send your advice coming. 
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