Hilarious! Lady Blocks Banks Entry After Scammers Wiped Her Account [Video]

A video of a woman causing a scene at a bank in Oba-akran, Ikeja area of Lagos state has gone viral on social media. The woman had barricaded the entrance to the bank after she was defrauded by fraudsters.

The woman was spotted at the entrance of the bank to prevent entry or exit in the banking hall. It was gathered that the woman had been protesting the bank's delay in investigating her case.
According to reports, the woman had fallen victim to a scam by some fraudsters who wiped her account.

They had reportedly wiped her account after she fell for a fake BVN message sent to her by the fraudsters on Thursday, November 29.

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The viral video shared showed the woman was heard saying she had reported the incident to bank since her account got wiped but she felt the bank delayed the investigation of the cas.

In a move to prompt swift action, the woman used a chair to block the door of the bank, insisting that nobody would go in or our until her money is returned.

She was later made to understand that the incident was not the bank's fault and that the investigation would continue.

Watch video below:
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