Suspected Thief Falls Inside Soakaway While Escaping With Stolen Phone (Video)

Haha. Bad luck has caught up with a phone thief as a video shows the moment he was caught while he fell in to a soakaway in his bid to run away.. 

The hilarious incident happened in Ijoko area of Ogun State. The petty thief who was suspected to have stolen a phone from someone fell inside the soakaway while escaping with the device. Lol. 

In the video, it is seen that some minutes before he was rescued from the pit, people gathered and made a mockery of his unfortunate condition which was very well expected from a typical Nigerian crowd

When he was finally pulled out from the soakaway and was made to sit on dry ground, they continued to scold him for the alleged theft. The suspected thief however offered no response while the rant went on.

It is believed that he has been handed over to the police.


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