Not Again! Pretty Woman Stripped for Stealing Clothes and Hiding It in Her 'Pant' (Photo and Video taken)

A habitual thief who has been stealing for a long time now, has been disgraced and stripped after she was caught stealing from a  local store.

The Zimbabwean woman
A shocking stage like drama took place not long ago after a pretty and young Zimbabwean shoplifter who was a specialist in stealing and hiding clothes in her professionally customized 'pant' was caught red-handed after she had successfully hidden about nine stolen clothes in the 'pant'.
She was nabbed by the  boutique owner and was thoroughly disgraced as the clothes were carefully pulled out from her customized 'pant' one by one. She was filmed and later handed over to the police after the incident. 
It was further gathered that the said young lady has been stealing from several other boutiques in the past before luck missed his flight with her this time. The incident happened in Zimbabwe and has since gone viral as Mr Awesome is reporting from Nigeria.
This young woman surely missed it somewhere in her life. probably she wasn't taught the rudiments involved with being a respectable citizen of a society or she never cared to learn. all boils down to values and character strength. mind you! it could be anybody. and Jesus alone can fine tune your messed up life. pursue after him today and lead a good life _ Mr Awesome
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