My Man Slept With My Pastors Wife Who Wanted To Resolve Our Problems

A twitter user has narrated her sad story after making known how her boyfriend had slept with her pastor's wife.

Somethings cannot Just be left lying in the dark and this is why A Nigerian woman has told a take of her sad experience  on twitter after claiming that her boyfriend slept with with her pastor’s wife who had called them to settle their dispute.
The story was shared on the trending O jewa ke eng thread on Twitter.
According to her, she was at the verge of calling it a quit with her man, when the pastor’s wife noticed and then invited them to help settle their dispute. Unfortunately, the guy eventually slept with the woman.
She wrote:

Wonders shall never end. 
I really don't know how sincere this lady is right now but I still haven't found space to stop getting shocked. I just hope she's not after tarnishing the image of God's family anyway!  Cos God doesn't spare anyone who does that. The church is a home to heal the sick not the complete. 
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