Shocking! Tree That Produces Water For Residents To Fetch (Video)

Many people have been left in a state of shock after residents were spotted fetching water from a mysterious tree. 
The mysterious tree
Some residents of Adidome in the Volta Region of Ghana have been seen fetching water from a mysterious tree.

According to Yen Ghana, the tall tree which is called “Kporkplor” in the Ewe language, has an outlet from which water flows just like a tap. 
It was gathered that the water is colourless just like normal water, and from the way the residents formed a queue to fetch some, it was safe for use. 
Women were seen carrying basins of all sizes waiting for their turn to fetch some of the water.
In a video shared online, the narrator said the tree produces its water once every year during the dry season. 
He added that when the time comes for the water to flow, it pours out freely when there is no one to fetch thus going to waste. 
The video was shot in the evening, an indication that the residents would have fetched from morning and were making sure to harvest till the last drop since it would take a year to see the water from that tree again.
This is indeed wonderful and so far, nothing of that sort has been reported in the media or seen anywhere in Ghana than the Volta Region. 


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