Shock As Unidentified Man Commits Suicide By Hanging In Lagos

A yet to be identified middle-aged seemingly nigerian man was in the fresh hours of Saturday discovered hanging from a tree on Catholic Mission Road, opposite the Court of Appeal in Lagos Island.
The man, dressed in Ankara native attire, was found hanging on a rope which looked like a braided long scarf, tied to a fruit tree 
The News Agency of Nigeria correspondent, who was present at the crime scene of the suspected suicide, reports that the ugly episode drew the attention of a large crowd who stood in numbers  wondering what could have pushed such a promising man to take his own life by hanging.

The Police men who arrived the scene said they would not loosen the noose around the man’s neck or search his pockets for identification purposes until doctors arrived to confirm him officially dead.

Some of the people who had gathered at the scene got engaged with taking pictures as no one was able to identify
who the man was.

Mr Ige Adedoja who is a resident of the area and present at the scene of the incident insisted that traditional rites needed to be performed before anyone could loosen the noose from the man’s neck.

Many people take their own lives for different reasons but only God can successfully proffer healing to whatever that might have been lost in their heart if they recognize his majesty and run to him - "Mr Awewsome"


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