The mind Blowing Love Story You Need to Read: The Romance in Eden

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 The Romance in Eden
(a.k.a Eden Romance 18+)

I think God invented Romance. I didn't say Love. He is Love. 
Well, I was writing a fresh chapter of one my Romance Novel, and Then I was trying to find a way to use biblical values and laws of love to spice it up. Nothing but King Solomon came to my head but then I needed something rarely thought about and then boom! I remembered Adam and eve and thus decided to be creative with'em.

It started that afternoon in Eden; the cool east breeze brushing across his face and floating his hair behind, Adam walked to and fro Eden, playing with the animals and loosing what ever is tied to their legs. He'll look around him and find no one who looks just like him. He felt special but lonely and then Elohim walking in to Eden that afternoon saw Adam, looked at him and the way he had sweats forming paths on his face from the days stress, Elohim was moved with compassion at his creature and then he called out and said to his angels "what do you think he needs to cool off?" "let's make the water fall cooler and throw down some snow and may be make the fruit beside him ripe immediately" Gabriel suggested. "no I think he had eaten a lot of fruits already, let's teach him how to use the sword rather, let me play with him and teach him how to wield the sword in combat" Michael added. "No no no, not a chance"Elohim Snapped. "You'll get him bruised and I wouldn't like that" he added and then after a minute of silence, Elohim watched Adam closely and then he said "I think he needs an helps meet" "what do you mean father " Michael asked. "Have we not been single since we came to being? Why then do you think Adam can't deal with being alone, after all he doesn't know what libido means", "But I know what is best for him" Elohim interrupted and then silence returned to their midst as Michael bows and apologized. Elohim pointed a finger at Adam and he fell slowly to the green field in the hands of the south wind and fell in to a deep sleep. Elohim walked to him, smiling at him and wiping off the sweat on this face. "How I love you Son" he whispered as he tears his skin open and searched for a rib. After a long search, "here we go" he said, dragging out a shiny rib from Adam. "get me a golden mat and call for the others to join" he ordered Gabriel. Gabriel brought the mat and sent a signal with a blink from the sun for the host of other angels to witness the creation of a new man. 

"let's help you Father, you don't have to do it your self they all suggested" "No! Just stand by and watch, I have to do this one my self. She's delicate". "She?" one of the angels asked. "yes, 
she" I have to be careful with her." Elohim added. "
So all of the angels watched with Keen attention as Elohim carefully forms her. He made her tender with two nice looking fruits on her chest and a curve behind her hip unlike the first man. 

Her hair was longer and her lips very soft. He gave her a delicate skin and put stars in her charming eyes to make them glow even more. Few hours later, He was done and "wow" Michael whispered, she's beautiful. "oh my God,  She looks amazing " Gabriel added in awe. and Elohim just looked at her and smiled and then breathed in to her as he kissed her forehead. "enhtwin enhtwin" she sneezed awake and beheld a cloud of Angels looking at her in Awe. She got startled and wanted to run. Elohim grabbed her by her shoulders, looking in to her eyes, he said "hello princess", "Who are you and where am I" she asked. " I am Jesus and you are beautiful", he said as tears rolled down his face. It was tears of joy. He had struggled with himself to remain patient until she was made. "And who are these" she asked pointing at Michael and his host of Angels. "Hi princess, I'm Michael, the War lord of heaven, bearer of the heavenly Amory and the defender of the Kingdom of Our Lord" Michael replied as he showed off his long properly designed sword, his shield and beautiful wings and then bows to Eve as a gentleman would. She was in Awe of them all. And then Elohim who is Jesus requested a private time with his hand made. The angels gave way and went their separate ways. On their way, one of the angels asked "Who is man that he is so mindful of him".  "And who is the son of man that he visits him" the other angel added. "Fathers love for man is immeasurable, so I'll advise you mind your businesses" Michael Instructed. 

After the long talk with Eve, Elohim brought her to Adam while Adam was asleep. He carefully made her with soft parts that the man can lay his hands and eyes on and then Eve stood naked in front of Adam as he slept. Jesus tapped Adam awake and had the angels hang on and behind trees, out of sight to see what would happen when Adam sees an opposite sex for the first time "alone in the bush". And voila! Adam rubbed his eyes open, the first thing he saw was her perfectly shaped figure, the lines that ran up her hips in a perfect angle projecting the curve on her waist and then he traced his eyes up her upper body, wondering how ripe fruits could hang on a fleshy being. Probably he tried to pluck and Then suddenly, his eyes met hers. The spark, the charm, the emotions and the vibrations that ran through his veins was nothing like the angels have ever seen. His eyes became stuck in hers, he looked around and found no body. But God and the angels were watching to see what nna anyi Adam would do. He had never seen anybody or anything as beautiful as that all his life. So Adam walked close to her, placed his hands on her cheek and said "You're Beautiful Beyond Description". Eve chuckled and looked down ward. She was shy and then Adam looked up to heaven knowing God was watching and then he screamed "This is good, I like her Sir, Thank you". And then he called her "Woman". Some of the angels  said "Awwnnn" like some girls do today. Adam finally held her by the hand and taught her everything about Eden. Watching her run around with birds and smiling. Once in a while, He'll exchange eye contacts with her and then Eve would blush, wondering how such a handsome well built and six packed man lived alone in such a beautiful home as Eden. She was glad to sleep in his arm at each night fall and God Almighty was happy it all did happen. The Angels loved them together and was happy Elohim's Idea to make man relax was perfect.

And then one evening came, the cold was thick and the breeze blew hard enough. Eve had just stepped out from the pool in Eden, she was naked as usual. Her hair was wet, long, beautiful and covered her back. Adam looked at her and he could feel vibrations all over him. Her lips shone Ruby red and her eyes beautifully shaped like an almond. Her skin glowed and her shape got better. He stood in awe and for the first time, he felt a tree growing somewhere inside of him, he reached out for it and there it was until this moment where I have decided to say that with these few words of mine, I believe I have been able to convince you that God invented Romance and we must respect that fact. Marriage must never be boring. Marry your prayer point and let her become your temptation. Dazol 

Written by : Mr Awesome


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