LOL, See what happened as wife Calls Husband's Side Chick On The Phone. See What Happened

A side chick has shocked social media users after a video of her answering a call from the main wife of her boyfriend went viral online.

The daring side chick answered the call with boldness and these were her words:

I should stay away from your husband? Why will I do that? He gives me money, he gives me food, gives me everything. Why will I do that? Is it your money, ah my sister, it's two different titles, he's your husband and he's my boyfriend, two different things. Just do your work, wash for him, cook for him, clean for him, then I do the rest.

It's not my fault you are boring, you do missionary everyday

My sister I don't wanna argue with you, you are my sister. There is no enough men in the world, and the rest are turning gays so I don't wanna argue with you, kisses......

But is it OK for a wife to call her husband's side chick on the phone to confront her? Why not sort it out with your husband instead of confronting the side chick? See the insult she gave to the wife.

Watch the video

Source: FamousNaija

Watch the video HERE


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