Mr Awesomes Diary - Hidden in Smiles - Episode 2

Mr Awesome's Diary
Hidden in Smiles
Episode 2

You are one in a million and I want you to know that.
She turned to look at me and tears rushed down her eyes. She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a hug as She cried on my shoulder. "I have wished to hear this all my life, thank you very much Mr Awesome".. She whispered.
Now can we talk? I asked.
Amy sat with me, placed her hands in mine and said " I've been through a lot of humiliations in my life, I lost everyone's affection and care due to my disability. My boyfriend always said I was too slow and dumb for his liking, that he was doing me a favor by being around me, He never pays attention to me, Never cares about my well-being, No longer texts me, and gets irritated by my presence. That was unlike him. I complained, but he said I was nagging. I kept complaining and so he ditched me .
And my friends, they complained I was arrogant and saucy. Also unlike them. Everything changed. Honestly, I wanted to feel like a human, I lost confidence in my self, so I built up defenses around me.
No one ever tells me I was beautiful, they all saw me as a problem they had to bear.
"Awwwnnn. Listen Amy, I think your friends are rather jealous of you. of course who wouldn't be jealous of an Angel living in human skin. Probably they had all but didn't have the kind of beauty and heart that you have" I said as I squeezed her hands in mine.
"Give them deaf ears my Dear."
I felt a nudge to give her a gift, so I dipped My hands in to my pocket and brought out the Neck lace I had bought for my kid sister and handed it to her. "Please wear this for me on your Birthday", "Happy birthday in Advance, just in case we don't see each other by then." I said.
Amy looked at me and a rush of emotions ran through her spine. Her lips quivered and she blinked her eyes in to open space. "Oh God, today is my birthday, she exclaimed." "Oh really?" My eyes popped in surprise. "Happy birthday Amy", I added, "so how do we celebrate you.?"
"uhhmm... I have an idea" I continued, let's go to a Place. I said and immediately stood to walk. "What Place? " she asked, deeming her pretty African Eyes. "Just follow me" I back fired and then she moved to walk, but I noticed she was struggling to get up.
So I came back, took her clutches from her and bent my back over for her she climb on. She chuckled, grabbed her purse and climbed to my back and I ran off in a funny speed. She laughed all along and gripped me tightly. She gently placed her cheek on my shoulder blade and held on to me and I could feel how much she needed to be loved genuinely. As I got to the road, I reached for my phone and ordered a ride with UBER. few minutes later, a Red Toyota Spider pulled over, and a bald headed, beard ganged, groundnut oil rubbed looking headed UBER driver ushered us in (lol.. what ever that means anyway! But I know you grab, don't you? ) and I helped her get into the back seat, I joined her from the other side and the Driver took us to a karaoke bar.
I walked side by side with Amy as we entered the Red lit lounge, and then I sat her down on a couch and went up to grab the mic. I called everyone's attention in the bar and then I said.
"Good evening everyone, I'll love to Steal this moment to celebrate the most Beautiful woman on earth. She is one in a million and I've never seen any other like her. The first time I met her, I was so lost in her charm that I forced my neck with my hands to stop looking at her." everyone one laughed gently. And I continued. "Today, I'll Love to celebrate her Birthday with a song, "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran . The dj turned on the Instrumental of the song while I sang it word to word, looking deep in to Amy's eyes and the back up singer in the bar backed me up with her Calm alto voice. . She stared back at me with lots of Joy and tears rolling down her cheek.
When I was done, Amy couldnt hold back her tears, as I went on one knee, and said....

Watch out for the Next Episode of "Hidden in Smiles"
Written by : Victor Kingsley
Mr Awesome


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