Top 3 Reasons why every man you meet wants you in Bed ASAP

Many ladies have complained bitterly at the rate at which men of these days wants to get down with them at first night, first sight or first date. This is no doubt a very worrisome situation as most ladies with moral correctness were not just raised to throw their legs open for every man out there who isn't their husband, but raised to preserve with jealousy to dignity of woman hood.

So I'm going to show you just 3 possible reasons everyman or most men you come across wants to get you laid at once and move on.

1) You look Hot: This is one of the most common reasons every man you come across wants to get you laid. It's one thing to be beautiful and another to be sexy and it's left for you to decide which one you want. Beautiful or Hot. Hot women are sexually alluring and commands attraction while beautiful women are Beautiful to behold and commands Attention. You see the difference, Decide what you want.

2) They are just after Sex : Most times, we often blame the female folks for not being responsible for the responses they get from men or acting accordingly to get such desired response. But the truth remains that most times, these men don't care if you are well dressed or half dressed. Most men just want to get in to you p*ant for the sake of having sex with you and fulfilling their greedy urge to sleep with numerous women. So most times it is not your fault.

3) You make the impression : The way you look at a man matter so much to us. You don't expect to look at man seductively and not have him book a hotel room and invite you over. No!. Most ladies have this habit or stealing glances at men and looking away when he looks back, then make this smiling face as though you didnt want him to catch you but he unfortunately did. Shhhhh! 🙄, don't deny it. You know Mr Awesome is right about this. Funny as it sounds, this makes men grow the confidence to talk you in to bed with them. They believe you're open to their talks and whatever they say would sink in to your head.

So watch the glances you make at men. Admire a man you find attractive, but don't drool at him, he might get the wrong impression.

Thank you for being in this session of the Relationship kitchen with Mr Awesome, I hope you learnt something and would share to educate more women.

Feel free to message me through my facebook page if you need any relationship advise or have a puzzle you need to solve about your relationship.


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