Awoof data on MTN: get 500mb for just ₦50, 1Gb for ₦100 and 2Gb for ₦200 Following this Simple Step.

Mr Awesome

This subscription works for MTN pulse users only. I have used it severally and it works. If it doesn't, please flag my post as fake. Yes! I'm that sincere.

Are you an MTN user and have been looking for ways to enjoy very cheap data packs on your MTN line?

Here's a package to help you enjoy as much data as you desire. Firsty I'll love to mention that is is an all night data plan in order not to deceive anyone and becomes active from 12:00am to 5:am.

So you have approximately 5 - 6 hours to enjoy this Awoof every night.

This package works only on MTN pulse tarrif plans and should follow this procedure below to be activated once you're already migrated to MTN pulse.

The subscription is divided in to 2.

250mb for ₦25 and 500mb for ₦50

You can activate a maximum of 500mb for 50 Naira on one SIM card per night. So to get 1gb to 2gb, you need about 2 to four SIM cards or just split it in to different nights.

This data plan is best for people who work all night or download movies.

Firstly, ensure you're migrated on the MTN pulse tarrif plan. If you don't know how to migrate, ask me I'll tell you.

For 250mb you simply text NT1 to 131 and a fee of ₦25 will be deducted.

And for 500mb you text NT2 to 131.

You can also use the USSD codes.

*123#, select tarrif plans (option 2) under it, select MTN pulse (option 2) and then select Night Plan. That should be option 4 and there you go.

So approximately 250mb = ₦25

500mb = ₦50

500mb * 2 (twice) = 1gb for ₦100 and etc.

Note: You can also enjoy a whooping 7.5gb for just ₦750 valid for one month and 3.5gb for just ₦350 valid for one month as well. Only on MTN pulse. I can teach you this Trick as well and I wouldn't charge you a dime.

Written by : Mr Awesome.


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