I'm Heavily addicted to Masturbation - Your advice is needed

A young man has connected with me for a private counseling and to decry his addiction to masturbation.

According to him, he feels broken each time he ejaculates and does not have control over it. He masturbates approximately 2times everyday at least.

He has tried severally to stop but it's as though the more he tried, the harder it becomes to stop. Your advice is urgently needed as this might be his last hope.

He said and I paraphrase

"Hi Mr Awesome, I need your assistance. My friends have told me about you and how you help them cope through situations and give them relationship advices that really works during break ups or fights or confusions in their relationship. Mine is different, I want a break up between my hands and my p...nis. I'm addicted to masturbation, I masturbate at least 2-3 times daily. I've tried to stop but I can't. I believe your gifting is divine and your words can help me out. Please help me, I'm fade up."

He really wants to come out of this addiction but don't know how. And I, Mr Awesome have tried giving my quota of encouragement but it seems it isn't working. Your advice will be greatly valued.

Do you have any puzzle you want us to solve together?

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Thank you.


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