Sex scandal - University lecturer caught on camera doing the thing with a student

Lecturers and students sex scandal is no longer a strange news in Nigerian tertiary institutions as shameless professors and lecturers find pleasure getting down the evil lane with their students.

Just recently, a male lecturer of Osun State University who's from the department of language and linguistics, UniOsun, Ikire Campus, recognized Dr. Oj(full name withheld), has fallen in to the wrong trap as he has been seen in a viral video having raunchy sex with a 400 level student of English in same institution, who was also recognized as (name withheld by Mr Awesome's Blog)

The sad x rated Video footage of the transaction as we speak is on a rapid circulation among students in the campus and his co lecturers who got their hands on it.

Reports has it that the lecturer had been involved in taking strict measures and actions which resulted in the student being expelled from the University after she was caught red handed for examination malpractice.

With raging anger after she had returned to the school, she swore to pour her vexation on Dr. Oj and when the opportunity showed up, she took the bull by the horn and released a 40mins long video of herself and the lecturer digging it after she accepted his advances.

Reports also has it that the 400-level student discretely used a laptop cam recorder which she placed comfortably on a table inside the sin marked hotel room to carry out the recording. She made the very foolish lecturer to believe she was seeing a movie on the laptop and be accepted. I'm sure his erection was thinking, not him.

In the video, the avenging miss could be seen concealing herself under a wrapper while Dr. Oj who was ignorant of the fact that he was soon becoming a porn star was stack naked.

The video was well done with the audios but the little that could be heard from the young miss while referring to the lecturer was “Why is your thing dropping like this, haven’t you done it in recent time"?.

“Before I went on suspension, why didn’t you plead on my behalf? You knew about it joo.”

This is disheartening and should serve as a lesson to other lecturers, especially the ones in Imo State University. - Mr Awesome reporting


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