This is how she really wants you to touch her and treat her - Romance tips from Mr Awesome

Most men do not know how best to touch or show love to their romantic partners while in public or indoor. Many believe touches are best in the other room or when in private.

The truth as a matter of fact is that women generally like to be shown love and admired everywhere and every time. She doesn't want you acting like a stranger outside and becoming her partner inside the house.

Below, I'll show you how she really wants you to touch and treat her.

1) - Hold her hands while walking through a crowd : It makes her feel like your baby and makes her more confident. She's assured of security and believes you're totally in control.

2) - Look closely into her eyes while asking her what she wants in a shopping mall or super market - It shows her you care and admires her so much. Women love to have your attention in public, so do all you can to make her the entire radius of your look.

3)Put your hands over her shoulder when talking to a friend, She'll feel loved

4) - While sitting out with friends, discretely hold her hands in yours and caress her fingers. You won't imagine how dangerously romantic that act is.

5) - When she comes home with newly painted nails, pick up her fingers, stare at them for a couple of seconds smiling here and there, and then plant a kiss on her hand and wink at her while dropping a dripping compliment to her. She puts so much effort into looking good for you, your job is to acknowledge them and admire her.

6) - When she buys a new dress and is testing it in front of you, walk up to her, hold her hands, spin her around and tell her how much the dress fits and how endearingly attractive she looks that you can't take off your eyes.

7)- (Married Couples) When you wake up in the morning next to her, kiss her forehead and stare at her severally even if she's not awake yet. She'll feel loved and most times she will blink her eyes open and wrap you up in a warmth romantic hug.

Make your Relationship marriage worth the while.

Women are love beings, not sex toys. Know how to treat your woman and if you're of age but still single, I wonder what you're waiting for, marry her and begin practicing the above.

Written by : Mr Awesome your favorite Romance writer.

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