IPOB Vs BOKO HARAM : Shekau sends strong threatening message to IPOB members

The tribal and religious fight in Nigeria is just begining to take a new shape as things keep heating up each day without any trace of adequate and effective intervention as always reported in the news everytime.

The hunted leader of the wished to be gone terrorist organisation (Bokoharam) has fearlessly sent a strong message to South eastern Nigeria who are agitating for a sovereign state of Biafra, urging them to desist from protesting against one united Nigeria, claiming that Nigeria is the home of every black man on earth, quoting that he sees no good reason why we the igbos should want biafra. (I wonder why a terrorist is now fighting for the country he has been shedding innocent blood in, something is fishy)

In his words, he said "IPOB members be warned, we will attack you from all angles if you dare protest against one Nigeria as a nation, this is a strict warning to the south Easterners who are asking for the actualization of Biafra as a nation."

The igbo nation of Nigeria are rather startled in surprise and not fear that Shekau could have the guts to point threatening fingers at the igbo nation, knowing the full story of our strength and relentless fight during the biafran war even when we had nothing to fight with, talk more of now that we have numerous igbo billionaires who can afford the most sophisticated weapons on earth.

Igbos however would dare him which I know and a war situation would probably break out in Nigeria if the situation is not properly handled and the people instigating this do not refrain from such acts.

The Igbos have seen too much to cringe for shekau 🐮 She-COW


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